Digital illustration / character design


Personal work




This is a simple illustration I created to practice mocking up character's this piece was done on Procreate and Figma, to add various shading effects and typography. Utilizing direct lighting techniques I created a soft female figure. Inspired by what the Mayans called the human soul "The white conscience of flowering”.

This was based on their belief that man is not a self-sufficient creature existing and functioning with an independent body and soul. So body and soul, body inside and out which and be seen in the skeletal outline and soul that are seen through the eyes, the windows to the soul.

What I've done

1. Sketching & research

2. Redesign & optimization

3. Mock up and finalized sketches

4. Coloring, polishing and rendering

5. Fully rendered finished product

Food for thought

Man is an extension of the universe around him; just part of the pattern in the tapestry of creation. In other words, man is dependent in action and composition. Therefore, the soul is seen as a person’s tangible bonds to the world. How the world reacts to you is literally your soul.

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