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Discover how I gave this brand a fresh visual start. They wanted an interesting and captivating logo, that was hip and animated for instagram stories, it was time to replace their outdated look with a design that matched their ambitions.

Xula is the Berlin-based brand.

What I've done

1. Strategic Discovery

2. Web application redesign & optimization

3. Mobile application redesign & optimization

4. Animation and blender rendering for aesthetics

How I got started

Xula needed help with creating an interesting attention drawing logo, that could be applied their product website, landing pages mobile and web applications. They had short “startup” deadlines and had experienced lackluster results from other design companies.

Their customer insights were ready for A/B testing. They were also rapidly growing and wanted to have a well documented visual guidelines for me to use to further enhance visual consistency.

What the client asked for

— Take their logo look to the next level

— Fix UX issues in mobile and web application

— Match their bold vision to the look and experience of the logo

— Provide a visual framework that will help the product team iterate faster

Creating a logo with clear and targeted messaging was a crucial step in increasing brand experience. Together with the Xlua team, I was able to create a visually interesting logo. 🙂

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